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Ajzen is

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Why Ajzen is actually for you?

It our world full of distractions, often it's hard to focus on our goals. We all have 24 hours in day. We all work, sleep, need time for ourselfs and family so there is not much time left. Ajzen will help you to manage the left tim, so you can focus on your goals.


Learn how to use timeboxes to maximize the outcome of your time spent on given task. You can run timeboxes assigned to tasks to automatically add this time to task. Keep track of your progress.

Focus on goal

Set Your goals, then assign tasks to accomplish those goals. Get reminders of your tasks on daily or weekly basis. Make small steps everyday to achieve what you want!

How does it look?

Ajzen is simple and intuitive. It gives you the flexibility to use it as you wish.

What more Ajzen gives?

Ajzen has many useful features. Discover them all to unleash the power of productivity! Adapt them for your needs and accomplish all goals.

Quick Notes

Often find something 'for later'? You add bookmark, and forget about it? By using one of our components you can save your links and notes, to get reminders and have quick access to them. We can also make a list of them especially for you, and send it to you be e-mail:)

Use it as you want

You need to track time? No problem. You need a simple to-do list? No problem! You need to do shopping list and send via e-mail? It is only a few clicks!

About Ajzen.

Ajzen is mix of words ajna and Zen. Ajna stands for 6th chakra Third Eye Chakra — Our ability to focus and the capability of seeing the big picture. Zen stands for meditation and calm mind.

Our Mission

The main goal of this product is to help people to stop procrastinating. The product helps by setting goals to achieve, reminding about what has to be done, what has been done. It will help users to track their progress, what is very important to maintain focus on goals.

Our Vision

Is to build software that will help and educate people in their journey of personal development in any aspect of life.

How can I get access?

Simply click the button, fill out the form and get instant access!

Hungry for more?

Please check out those links before ajzen.org will be ready:)

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